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Penelope Showers

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Nell Showers, a Counsellor located in Albury, NSW, holds qualifications in Psychology and Counselling. With a wealth of experience, I offer a secure space where I truly listen to your concerns. My aim is to help you unpack and comprehend the challenges you face, whether they pertain to relationships or individual struggles. Through our sessions, my goal is to empower you with understanding, insight, and resilience, enabling you to navigate your current circumstances and envision your desired future.I often advise my clients that persisting in the same patterns yields the same outcomes. Therefore, our focus lies in:Exploring new approaches for progressDelving into self-discovery and recognizing triggersIdentifying the emotional baggage influencing your behaviorWorking towards altering reactions to specific situationsRecognizing the difficulty in taking this step, I acknowledge the challenge of deciding when to seek counselling or psychological support. My commitment is to guide clients through this process, providing support and providing them with the tools needed to move forward in a self-empowered and positive direction.


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