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Petros Galanoulis

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Petros is a Trauma counsellor and Life Coach helping people solve personal and deep challenges and recover mentally and emotionally from a personal trauma and or personal life crisis. He has been doing this work for almost 15 years and owns and runs You Got This Mental Health Solutions. He works with both private clients and NDIS recipients and has significant experience with community mental health where he worked with clients with severe complex mental health challenges, furthermore he also teaches the nationally accredited Diploma of Counselling. He speaks 2 languages English and Greek.Petros holds a degree in psychology and is completing his Masters in Counselling also holds a diploma in counselling and diploma in life coaching, he holds a certificate 4 in training and assessment. He has also studied the spiritual philosophy of Vedanta and is a Reiki and N.L.P. qualified practitioner. He is also the author of the Internationally renowned: 7 Steps You Must Know To Thrive When Shit Happens  and  Reaching For The Light: A Path For Deep Healing, Forgiveness and Re-empowerment After Sexual Trauma  and I Did It an Amazon No.1 best seller in Australia, Canada and Germany top 160 in US.Based in Melbourne Australia he is referred to as the human G.P.S. because of his style of counselling, coaching and guidance. Over his years of experience, he developed his coaching process: the G.P.S. system.Petros has run numerous training and workshop events and has appeared in the media in an advisory role and advised council, his personal and professional mission is to help as many people he can to live like they mean it!!​Petros is also a practical and inspirational speaker and (sometimes cheeky) thought provoker, always exploring the flip-side of lifewith such topics as: 1. Why positive thinking is toxic to your positivity and success​2. Breaking through ‘Panic Brain’,3. The 3 Major actions to take when hit by a crisis,4. The 3 Common things you do normally that you shouldn’t do when having experienced a crisis or trauma,5. The 7 effective steps to navigate through any crisis successfully.


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