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Rachael Sullivan

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Rachael’s extensive professional experience as a counsellor working with complex and diverse client needs ensures her clients leave conversations feeling genuinely heard, practically supported and better equipped with proven, evidenced-based strategies to navigate their world and make positive change.Rachael has a unique ability to create a safe environment so her clients quickly feel at ease. In a world that is constantly uncertain and when life is challenging, you will be greeted with genuineness, compassion, a non-judgemental conversation and where you’ll have the opportunity to explore feelings, facts, experiences and practical strategies for moving forward.Rachael believes in the uniqueness and potential of every person she supports. She understands that the conversations she has with clients is just the beginning and applies her extensive knowledge and experience to work collaboratively with each individual as they develop a toolbox of strategies and skills to enhance and positively impact their lives. She uses a range of solution-focused, motivational interviewing and client-centred therapies to make the changes to achieve the life they desire.She brings her experience, compassion, knowledge and insight to clients who are dealing with significant life transitions such as a deterioration in health status, grief and loss, palliative care, relationships and families. She has also worked extensively with people who have experienced an acquired brain injury, and the families/friends that support them, assisting them to access and implement the NDIS and corresponding supports including Counselling/Therapeutic Supports through their NDIS plans.Rachael is also a registered provider of General Social Work DVA therapies.  Rachael has a Graduation Diploma of Counselling specialising in Grief and Loss and a Masters of Social Work.  She also has a Bachelor of Education (Primary).  Rachael is a member of the Australian Counselling Association.



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