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Rachel Joll

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I’m real, I’m vibrant and I’m one-of-a-kind.But no matter what, I’m always authentically me in the counselling room.I have led a colourful life, and don’t mind a bit of colourful language. I personally believe counselling should be a conversational, relational and a transforming experience – not a clinical and stale exchange. Furthermore, I view counselling as a journey of self-discovery. The discovery of your true authentic self.Imagine letting go of all the ‘shoulds’ around who you think you need to be, and simply embracing who you truly are? I know if you put the time, the effort and the work in during the counselling process, not only will you be transformed, but your eyes will be opened to possibilities and options you may have never thought were attainable.So be brave and come on this wellness journey with me. It’s time to put yourself first and discover who you truly are.



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