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Rana Salloum is a counsellor and educator/trainer who has lived and worked in different parts of the world. She holds a Master of Science in Professional Counselling from Georgia State University (USA), a Bachelor degree in Education from the American University of Beirut and was awarded both degrees with distinction. While living in the US, she was a Licensed Associate Professional Counsellor (in Georgia) and later when she returned to Lebanon, she was a member of the Lebanese Psychological Association; she has recently been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and is still a current member of EMDR- Lebanon Association.  Rana is also a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association.Rana has worked with a variety of mental health populations both in the United States and in Lebanon, granting her the opportunity to extend her practice to a multicultural and complex population. Her close to 15 years of international experience in the helping field has exposed Rana to a variety of mental health issues ranging from working with at-risk youth, displaced families,   and relationship problems  to individuals with personality and mood disorders, and people who have experienced different types of trauma( including bullying, domestic violence, work-place violence and complex trauma). Through her involvement and education, Rana has developed extensive knowledge on the complexities of human nature, and has used her expertise to enhance intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.Rana has a client-centred and multicultural approach in therapy which emphasizes both accepting the uniqueness of each individual but also working with the intricate impact of culture on self- awareness, development and overall wellbeing.   She sees the process of counselling as a delicate and enriching experience, both for the client and the counsellor.  She is an animal lover and believes in integrating animals into therapy when deemed appropriate as they can be a part of the inner world of the client. While she is a native English speaker, she also offers therapy in Arabic, and can knows intermediate knowledge of French. 


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