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Rebecca Janine Pike

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Trauma Informed Therapist – Masters QualifiedHi, my name is Bec.  I am here to listen to you, offer you compassion and understanding, and, walk with you through the ups and downs of life.  I’m a Masters Degree qualified counsellor and bring decades of experience including lived experience in the mental health field.  I work with private clients and NDIS clients.  My heart is to help people who have experienced life's emotional hardships.  I am passionate to help you discover your inner strengths and form healthy perceptions about yourself.  So often life throws us curve balls which can throw us off balance and off course.  My goal is to help you get on course, empowering you through connection to heal from the pain of the past and move forward into an emotionally healthy place.  We do this together, I will listen to you, validate you, challenge you at the right times, brain storm with you and offer suggestions and strategies when appropriate.  I use a combination of evidence based therapies including Parts Work, EMDR, strengths based and person centres approaches.My relevant educational background includes a Masters of Counselling from Monash University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Deakin and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Monash.  I also have a Certificate IV in Disability.  I am continously engaged in professional development and reading to ensure I am kept up to date with the latest developments and advancements in the mental health/psychosocial field.I look forward to working with you and helping you get to the next chapter in your life.  Please feel free to call me or email me to make an appointment.  


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