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Rhonda Jurd

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Hi my name is Rhonda Jurd. I have been practising full time as an intuitive counsellor, psychotherapist, couples counsellor, hypnotherapist, spiritual healer & NLP as well as a remedial massage & cranialsacral therapist for over 20 years now.After a serious horse riding accident in my early teens I was left with chronic pain. This took me on a journey using complimentary medicine, yoga, massage and other therapies in order to heal my pain. I have spent the last 35 years studying and applying many healing techniques, enabling me to be free of pain & then in turn using this knowledge and experience to help my clients.I have learnt that the body stores physical and emotional stress and trauma. The body relaxes when this stress is expressed and released in a safe, nurturing, non judgemental and supportive environment.With a remedial massage background, I was naturally drawn to study a form of counselling that is somatic (body focussed) called Body Psychotherapy. This therapy addresses what is being held within the body and gives my clients a safe and healing space to release whatever has been repressed. This along with hypnotherapy, NLP and spiritual healing allows for a unique form of therapy that appeals to those who may have tried a more traditional approach and felt they needed something with more depth of experience. I now mostly use the above blend of therapies rather than the hands on work.I also work with couples therapy for those who are looking for a heart centred form of healing, connecting and relating with their partner. I am a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and I am passionate about helping my clients be they couples or individuals, achieve their healing goals; this is my life's purpose.



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