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Richard Cordiner

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I grew up in the UK and throughout my education I was convinced I was a scientist. I studied chemistry at university and after graduating with a PhD, I took a punt on a job at the ANU and moved to Australia with my partner.Fifteen years later I understand that people’s lives rarely take them in the direction they were expecting. My science career took me through academia, private industry, and the public service but eventually I realised that what mattered more to me was the people I met and their stories.From my parents (both teachers) I inherited a deep interest in stories and how they work, so I was naturally drawn to narrative therapy and the ways people construct meaning and identity in their lives. As a counsellor I see my role as walking beside someone as we explore how they can become the best version of themselves, whether that is through overcoming a problem, examining the past, or simply exploring who they are and what that means to them.Self-care is important in ensuring I can bring my best into the room with you. I enjoy bouldering with my friends and running by myself, as well as boardgames, videogames, movies, and anything else that tells a good story.


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