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Can you remember a time when you felt your best – happy, healthy and comfortable in your body and mind, full of energy and excited for the day even if it was a work day? This shouldn’t be a distant memory and if it is, you have come to the right place (and well done for coming this far!). Perhaps you know the potential you have but need a hand realising it, or maybe you are in a bit of a ‘rut’ and need help finding your way out. Im here to help you become a better version of you. One where you feel you are successful, happy and healthy and also where you feel you are living your authentic life.I use a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focussed therapy, emotional release techniques as well as personal development work. Your thoughts, beliefs and unprocessed emotions are the missing pieces of the making lasting lifestyle change puzzle. Once you learn and practice these techniques your life will change.If any of this resonates with you, I’ve been in your shoes. Feeling like I knew the potential I had as a person but not living it. Sometimes all we need is a bit of knowledge and someone to believe in you just a bit more than you believe in yourself. I believe in you. Our work together will give you knowledge and skills for life. Real lasting positive change



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