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Samantha Gall

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Samantha Gall is a Professional Supervisor and Vocational Trainer and Assessor, with over 22 years’ experience in community services, and educational settings. She is passionate about working with clients, staff, and students to improve overall well-being and capacity to learn and grow. Along with working for a private RTO, she is the Principal Supervisor of Insight Professional Supervision, providing professional supervision to practitioners working as counsellors, community service and care workers and individuals in the education sector. Samantha is passionate about promoting wellbeing within these sectors that are often affected by high rates of burnout and stress. Samantha also has vast experience working in both the Private and Not-For-Profit sectors as an Educator, Counsellor, Team Leader, and Manager within Education, Youth and Community Services.Samantha’s unique background has enabled her to give an independent perspective on the whole care entity, organisational structures and behaviour of clients’, as well as providing professional supervision, individual planning, and career guidance and support. 



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