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Sarah Kane Lawson

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Since childhood I have always reached out to those around me in need of help. In my 20’s I realised I myself needed help and I had my first therapy session. I now look back on my healing journey and all that I  have learnt with gratitude. I now feel called to help others as I have been. I gained my Diploma of Counselling (Processwork) in 2020.  I love that  psychotherapy through Processwork enables us to explore our deeper self and frees us up to let go of our fears, our doubts or whatever it is that is holding us back from living our full lives.  My aim is that you feel safe to come ‘as you are’ and allow me to journey with you and find your inner path showing you the way forward in your life, however that may be. ‘One does not become enlightened by imaging figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious’                                           Carl Jung


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