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Sarah Kate Florenze

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Sarah is a counsellor specialising in child, teen, tween, and adolescent wellbeing. Before completing her Master's at Monash University in Counselling, Sarah graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Education, focussing on Primary Teaching (Majoring in Health and PE).Sarah has worked for many years as a teacher across Melbourne schools both in the private and public sector, focussing her attention on the wellness and wellbeing of students.Sarah counselling expertise assists children and adolescents to understand, manage and overcome many different personal challenges, such as anxiety, trauma, depression, anger and friendship problems. Sarah believes with counselling you can empower children to work towards achieving valuable personal and educational goals.Sarah's approach to counselling sessions is child-centred with a flexible approach utilising play-based therapies, CBT, narrative stories, EFT tapping and walk-talk-therapies.Sarah now resides in the beautiful south coast of NSW and has extended her counselling business to incorporate parent coaching and parent relationships. Her private practice is situated in the beautiful Kiama region.Sarah supports and guides parents through the challenges faced with parenting, using talk therapy and goal setting to build new strategies to assist the family unit.Sarah is a Level 2 Registered Counsellor with ACA.Sarah is also a registered and practicing teacher in New South Wales with registration in Victoria also.Sarah is an active member of the Marriage and Relationships Educators Assocation.Sarah is trained in Kimochis Foundations Australia for Professional Educators.



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