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Serena Scarlett

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Post Graduate University qualified with counselling diplomas and wide experience as a Counsellor. ONLINE Service also available by video via messenger, Skype or Zoom. Phone, email and face to face counselling, have a friendly chat / debrief or case work, agency liasion.Counselling became central to my career after working in the community sector, health and government departments in case work for many years. Recently I did bushfire and drought counselling with many who have been affected by bushfires in South East NSW.Advoacy and assistance with accessing services and other support is also a skill set. Having many years experience doing community case work, I can readily assist or guide those who may have complex health or complex situations that require contact and liaison with other services. The approaches I use are focusing on what is important to my clients and what their concerns are. This can vary from relationship or work, matters, income or debt management through to personal issues, life skills or goals, communication and more. With 6 years employment at Anglicare as a Gambling Help Counsellor I also have the skills and experience to assist in problem gambling for people and their families or significant others. Criss counselling and suicide prevention and support for those who have lost someone to suicide or other loss and grief are also areas I have experience with. Born in Melbourne and living and working in cities and regional New South Wales for 40 years I am a mature and wise woman with an enthusiastic positive approach for life.I have a breadth of experience on a range of issues that can touch city or country folk. Drought, floods and fires as well as isolation or limited opportunities can affect those living in the country.Exploring options and finding solutions is one of my best traits. I was once described as "having the answers to problems no one has helped with before".SERVICES available:Counselling / Mental Health Lifestyle Suport & GoalsCommunication & BehaviourCommunity Development / Grass Roots advocacyAged & Disability SupportChild Welfare, Youth & Family Housing & HomelessnessIndigenous & Multicultural ServicesGrief & Loss TraumaNDIS & more



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