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Sharnie Lee Everton

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Conscious Flow exists to help people heal and transform themselves, using a range of proven healing treatment options. Based on the modalities of Compassionate Inquiry and Internal Family Systems, I use somatic experiencing (feeling into the body and emotions) practices to help my clients move into a space of less ‘doing’ and more ‘feeling’. By allowing ourselves to simply sit and feel, we are able to connect to our true selves.Most people weren’t taught how to sit with and manage difficult emotions; we weren’t taught how to be with ourselves. Many of us grew up learning how to suppress emotions, rather than being lovingly held and shown how to make sense of uncomfortable feelings – known as self regulating. As a result, when faced with challenges and difficult emotions, we turn to coping mechanisms that help us numb, avoid, deny or escape (the cause of addictions), leaving many of us grappling with unresolved mental health issues. Most people assume trauma is only linked to major events – in reality, trauma manifests itself in many different ways. If you feel ‘triggered’ or experience anxiety, depression or some other mental diagnosis, then you may have experienced some form of trauma. I can help.I’ll equip you with the tools to acknowledge your feelings in a safe and empowered way, allowing you to self regulate and be more present in life. You can awaken your consciousness and achieve a peaceful state of deep flow – true freedom and fulfilment.



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