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Hi my name is Sharon and I am a trauma informed, counsellor. I provide a safe, caring, non- judgemental and supportive space for you to work through whatever life issues may be troubling you.  Working together we can explore your concerns and the effect you feel these things are having on your life and well-being.  I am passionate about working with people and truly believe that everyone can grow beyond struggles.I work in a non pathologising, holistic way, and have a special interest in working with women through all life stages, including teenagers and young adults; helping you to positively navigate issues related to – Generalised anxiety, stress and sadnessLow self esteem Grief and LossParenting issues RelationshipsFertility and wanting to become a parentLife transitions such as becoming a parent, mid-life stuck points , later life challenges including ageing Career, workplace and identity issuesI also have a deep interest in evidence based, mindfulness counselling therapies, (especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy also known as ACT) and women’s holistic health through differing life stages. As a registered yoga teacher,  I also work with the mind and body, to explore powerful healing tools including physical movement to improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. I am caring and down to earth person and a parent to two fantastic teenagers.  I am also a crisis intervention trained counsellor and have  many years’ experience in workplace/career counselling and coaching in the corporate sector.   A little bit  more about counselling………….. There are many different types of evidence based, counselling therapies and unless they specialise in one area, you will usually find that a counsellor can draw on several, because no single approach will fit everyone. Some counselling approaches involve deeply supportive talk therapy, whilst others are more active and goal orientated; regardless of the path your counselling takes you should feel safe, supported, heard and understood.  Counselling is about you.  You should feel you are working with someone who is non-judgmental and will work with you from a person-centred perspective – which means you are the person who knows you best. You may be unsure how counselling can help, especially if you have found it hard to identify how you are actually feeling and even harder to allow yourself to share these concerns and feelings with others.   I appreciate that giving voice to things that you may be struggling with, and taking the step to enter into counselling to support yourself, can be very difficult to do…………but ultimately your counselling journey should be supportive and empowering. Providing you with insight, strength, resilience and confidence to make positive changes towards living a rich and vital life. It should be a time where you can really get to know you.  



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