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Sheridan Stanley

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For over 30 years Sheridan has been mentoring individuals, couples and families regarding relationships, identity and self-worth. For several years she co-ordinated an inner-city soup kitchen, working with the homeless and those with addictions, helping them with life coaching, financial budgeting and job seeking.Sheridan is passionate about seeing people set free from the effects of abuse and finding hope to walk into the future with confidence.In a safe, relaxed atmosphere, face to face or online, clients are free to express themselves, to gain insight from their past, and how it affects the present. They will acquire skills and tools, such as journalling and communication tools, to assist them to gain the self-esteem they deserve to walk into a brighter future.Breaking patterns of negative behaviour and understanding emotional pain and its root cause allows clients to gain a deeper insight regarding the pain and its effects from past experiences. Gaining understanding of how trauma leads to addictions and other coping mechanisms can assist clients in finding balance and reconnection between the mind and heart and inner healing.


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