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Hi.  I’m Simon – father to two beautiful children, husband and counsellor.  I started Elevate Counselling, focusing on Men's General Health, Addictions Counselling and Grief & Loss. I am passionate about having the opportunity to be alongside people through their journey of discovery, promoting resilience, empowerment and seeing people flourish in the best version of themselves. I come from a client relations, customer service and account management background and so bring a sense of professionalism and people-centric approaches (along with my life experiences) to my counselling.  My personal life experiences add richness, empathy and depth to compliment my professional training.Why am I passionate about counselling?I want to give back.  I want to share my learning, my experiences and perspectives, with the aim to assist in providing a sense of hope and nurture possibilities and capabilities for positive change.  I have so much respect, empathy and understanding for anyone who is starting to find, or has found the strength and desire to want to connect with someone who will help them along their journey of self-discovery and the best possible future.  I know so well how confronting and often overwhelming even starting with this step can be.I am a warm, highly empathic, understanding, open-minded and non-judgmental person, who is also an exceptional listener!  This is your journey.  You steer your own ship.  I will not dictate, be directive or enforce solutions upon you.If this sounds about where you may be right now, or even if you are not quite sure, please feel welcome to contact me for a free initial call, to see how we may be able to work together for you.


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