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Sivakahmy Thilagarajan

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For any individual attending counselling, it can be quite a vulnerable and challenging experience. My aim is to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe from the beginning and to demonstrate that in sessions there is no judgement nor negativity, but rather a collaborative approach towards the goals you want. This may include improving mood, self-esteem, motivation, coping styles or gaining understanding and awareness of your own mental health. Counselling for me is about unconditional support to ensure we are actively discussing aspects of your life that may be impacting you, with therapy tailored specifically to you.My role as your counsellor is not about providing you with answers but guiding you through the areas you are willing to work on and discussing possible options for you. Sessions are also an opportunity to gain an understanding about yourself, why you may feel, think or behave a certain way and provide an explanation.An essential aspect of counselling is the therapeutic alliance between client and counsellor, it is important to find the right fit for you to have a positive experience. I provide my clients with the space to discuss their problems at their own pace and I endeavour to create a positive environment in which you feel comfortable doing so.

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