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Sochetta Chhim

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I’m a telehealth therapist delivering counselling services via telephone and online video.
I am a Cambodian-Australian seeking to provide support to those from a range of backgrounds and walks of life. My experience working in schools, community health, and private practice means I am experienced working with adolescents, youth, and adult individuals seeking mental health and wellbeing support. I can offer support in the following areas:
Relationship Concerns (Family & Friends)
Gambling Addiction/Gambling Harm Minimisation
Alcohol and Drug
Self-esteem and Confidence
Social/Communication Skills
Emotion Regulation
Self-Harm Minimisation/Suicidal Ideation
Anger Management
School Refusal/Engagement

My counselling approach uses techniques from Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness.
I like to “go with the flow”, going where you want to go in your therapy journey. We can have some big goals for counselling, but some sessions can have a different “focus” when the event arises. We ultimately work towards the bigger goals while still achieving some small ones and even different ones along the way.
Delivering services online and by telephone helps me reach people near and far, and in hopes to make it as easily accessible as possible.
My main language is English, but I can also communicate at an intermediate level of Khmer (Cambodian).


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