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Sonja Mitrikeska

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I have ten years of counselling experience working with people with disabilities.   I am bilingual, passionate about providing equitable resources to CALD people and have the skills and knowledge. My interest and journey in working with people in rehabilitation and the disability sector began in 2010 when I started my studies for a Bachelor of Counselling & Human Change with Jensen Newman Institute. I interned at the Catholic Community Care in an independent group residential living, working with residents in a small community base housing. I continued volunteering as community support, event organiser and councillor, working with the team on the Assisted Care Community Project for Aged people. During this time, I forged a strong relationship with the residents of this small community and the program's organisers, supervising and organising weekly activities.  While volunteering, I commenced work as a Community Carer for people with rehabilitation and disabilities with Community Care Australia. During this time, I attained two Certificate III's in Aged Care and Disability and worked there for four and a half years. My most outstanding achievement was to assist people with permanent and temporary disabilities to maximise their lifestyle goals and enable their reintegration into the community. This work inspired me to follow my passion and study for a Master's of Rehabilitation Counsellor in the rehabilitation/disability sector as a Counsellor. For the past two years, I have worked with Generation Health as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and helped people find work after being injured. In addition, I have worked in the EAP program as a  Counsellor and Psychotherapist. 



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