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Stephanie Crevatin

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Name: Stephanie CrevatinPosition: Registered Senior Counsellor & Art TherapistRole: To provide counselling services to clients and their families. Rebates available through Medibank, BUPA, ahm, St Lukes, Phoenix Health Fund, Grand United, Doctors Health Fund, and Police Health Fund.   Qualifications: ·      Bachelor degree in Counselling from the University of Notre Dame, Fremantle.·      Art therapy Certificate IV through Art Process Works.·      Certificate in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (Sue Johnson) /or ICEEFT Training·      Family Therapy Certificate through William Street Family Therapy.·      Working with Children- Starting from Scratch through Relationships Australia·      Protective Behaviours Training- Dept. of Child Protection.·      Group Facilitation Training Course through Holyoake.·      Drumbeat Facilitator Training Course through Holyoake.·      Narrative Therapy training with the Dulwich Centre.·      Parents Under Pressure Facilitator Training·      Second Degree Reiki Training.   Specialities: Working with CouplesWorking with Children and YouthFamily therapyArt / Play therapyParentingGroup facilitationCognitive Behavioural TherapyRelaxation and Focussing through Breath/ Somatic (body) TechniquesMindfulnessAnger ManagementLoss and GriefDepression / AnxietyAddictionsTrauma       Experience: ·      Fifteen years experience as an ACA (Australian Counselling Association) registered Counsellor working in private practice with Individual clients (adults & children), Couples, Families and Group facilitation. ·      Previously working for Bentley-Armadale Medicare Local as a registered Counsellor with clients referred from the local hospitals and GPs. Providing counselling to individuals, parents, teens/adolescents and children. ·      Counselling Couples, Group Therapist, Family Therapist, Children’s Counsellor within Not for Profit Organizations such as South Coastal Women’s Health, Palmerston, Relationships Australia, YMCA, Kwinana Early Years Services, Holyoake, Anglicare, Centre care. When I work with Couples, Emotionally Focused Therapy is a proven successful modality of therapy offering a 75% success rate where couples create more secure and satisfying connections; becoming more accessible and responsive to each other, moving towards compassion and connection, and experience healing and real lasting change, to enjoy a sacred, safe and happy bond. Over the years I have had success working with clients by engaging them in creative process work. When working with children and parents drawing, using clay, beading, painting, making play-dough, or using figurines in sand play is a fun, engaging, and powerful process that promotes communication, unity, interaction, expression and creativity. Child/and Adult clients often present with difficulty sleeping, when we sleep we our brain recharges, our cells regenerate, we restore, rejuvenate, heal. Sleep is such an important process for health and wellbeing. The use of Meditation, Relaxation/Breathing Techniques, Art Therapy and Dream work have proved to my clients that therapy can help improve the quality and quantity of their sleep. Teenager clients who are not often big on talking have engaged well in the use of Art Therapy techniques: drawing or painting where the emphasis is on the creative process and not the end product. Breathing techniques and recognition of feeling in the body are incorporated as a skill to attain awareness, self-knowledge, focus, relaxation, emotional regulation, safety, and self-mastery. Over the past 15 years have enjoyed facilitating groups for: ·      Youth in Rangeview prison promoting harm minimisation and drug education;  ·      Art Therapy Groups for adults in my garden space enhancing insight into self through nurturing, creative process and connection with others;·      Art & Play therapy groups for Children and their Families to enhance and promote connection, nurturance, and time with parents/caregivers, safe play, and healing attachments.·      Psycho-educational Children’s groups that provided structure around topics such as Bullying, Self Esteem, Personal safety, Belonging, Identity, Family Violence, and Identification of Feelings.·      Family Abuse / Domestic Violence groups for Women promoting safety, education, minimizing isolation, parenting discussions, ‘Wellness’ to me incorporates mental, emotional and physical aspects; and for many people spirituality also plays a key role in being healthy, thriving, and finding peace, fulfilment and happiness in life. A sense of belonging is an important part of what it means to be human, we are relational beings and therefore our relationships have a large bearing on how well we are as individuals. In my work I have seen how important support systems are for our health and ability to thrive and heal. Whether this support comes from a spouse, family, friends, community/ and professional support that are available and accessible. Wellness to me also depends on the individual’s willingness and ability to self-care; nurture; to be kind and gentle to ourselves when we need it. To listen and recognize what it is we need and long for is a skill that is learned and it takes practice to develop this self-awareness and mindfulness. I believe quiet, space, reflection, support, and kindness can lead us in the right direction on the continuum towards greater wellness and ability to thrive. I am here at Somarti to provide a supportive, professional and therapeutic space for people to access and engage in and achieve their relationship goals to better understand, relate, belong, commit, heal and love.       .   


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