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Stephanie Foxley

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Stephanie has a master’s degree in Counselling, a post graduate qualification in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy, as well as Ego State Therapy. Stephanie also hold a degree in Theological Studies. Stephanie is a highly skilled counsellor who uses CBT, ACT, deep relaxation, clinical hypnosis, Ego State Therapy, mindfulness and meditation, to help her clients relieve stress from day to living, grief, anxiety, fear, trauma and depression. She offers a unique blend of skills that will assist her clients in gaining a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality and helps them bring balance back into their lives.Stephanie has worked with both men and women. Using Clinical Hypnosis, she has also addressed issues including addictions (smoking and alcohol) and pain management.Stephanie is currently working as a School Counsellor working with young children and adolescents.Her personal experiences extend to a greater understanding of grief and loss, anxiety and stress, PTSD and relationship issues. Having lived and worked overseas most of her professional life, Stephanie is open to different cultures and nationalities. She is fluent in French and also speaks some Italian and German.More info at:



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