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Stina Boro

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I am a compassionate, reliable and experienced Counsellor with strong background in counselling, case management, assessment, referral services, customer service and relationship management gained from significant years of employment history in a client based setting within the not-for-profit and disability sectors. With high levels of patience, tolerance and sensitivity, I am committed to empowering individuals to break through their addictions and substance abuse, mental health issues, distressing behavioural patterns and a lack of fulfilment and work insecurity. I have a keen interest in the fields of sexual health, intimacy, relationships and LGBTI mental health.Key to success is a holistic person-centred approach, along with a strong desire to transform people's lives and achieve the freedom of their desire and purpose in life. I possess sound, substantial understanding of the nature of being human as demonstrated by a solid record of success working with diverse populations in one-on-one and group settings. I aspire to contribute towards positive change, utilising emotional stability, non-judgmental approach, organisational, analytical, and relationship-building skills and an appreciation of confidentiality to help clients make the right changes to their life.Mindful, respectful, calm, responsible, empathic, I am an expert at listening and observing as attentively as possible. I am an effective communicator who has excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills and the willingness to work with all kinds of people. I am consistently advancing the quality and efficiency of services provided by organisations to which I belong, always maintaining a mindset dedicated to continuous learning and development. 


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