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Sumbo Ndi

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Sumbo Ndi is a registered counsellor and Certified
professional coach with a passion for helping individuals, couples, and
families navigate life’s challenges and achieve personal and professional growth.
With a rich background in various counselling frameworks and coaching
methodologies, she is committed to providing compassionate and effective
support tailored to unique needs, as everyone is different.She has extensive working experience in relationship and couples counselling and understand the complexities of maintaining healthy and
fulfilling connections. She provides support in navigating conflicts, improve
communication, intimacy and foster building a stronger, more resilient relationship and a harmonious family environment. She has extensive experience in providing sensitive and empowering support for individuals and families
affected by domestic violence, ensuring a safe and nurturing space for healing
and recovery. She also works with men who use violence in addressing problem
behaviours and equip them with tools to support building safe and respectful
relationships.She understands that Mental health is a crucial aspect of
overall well-being, and her counselling skills and experience involves addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss.As a certified professional coach, empowerment through
self-leadership is at the core of her coaching philosophy. “A belief in the human capacity to do well when provided
with the right environment and support. Through coaching, I support clients to
come to the realisation and believe that they are valuable, and they matter;
and guide them through the journey of self-discovery and creating possibilities
that aligns with their values”.Her proprietary CLARIFY coaching model, is designed to
enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and to support personal growth
or professional advancement, by clarifying and aligning goals and actions with
values and true intentions to create one’s idea of success.In today’s diverse world, understanding cross-cultural
dynamics is essential. As a practitioner, Sumbo brings a working understanding
of cross-cultural issues to her work, helping clients navigate cultural differences with respect and empathy. This sensitivity ensures that her
counselling and coaching practice are inclusive and effective for clients from
all backgrounds.Sumbo practice is grounded in a holistic and inclusive
approach, integrating various counselling and coaching frameworks to meet the
need at hand. She is committed to creating a supportive environment to feel heard, understood, and empowered to make positive changes in life.

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