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Suzanne Craig

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Since 1994 I have had the privilege of working in various case work, counselling and management positions providing support to many incredible women, men, young people and children who have struggled with life transitions, battled disadvantage, and survived physical, mental or sexual trauma. I have also been extremely fortunate to work with a variety of early childhood organisations, including a mobile service which provides fantastic support and learning opportunities to children living in rural and isolated areas. The diverse range of people I have encountered have all been great teachers about strength, resilience and ingenuity in extreme circumstances, about appreciating the simple things, the benefits of humour in even the darkest of moments, and how to keep an open heart when things seem overwhelming.. I am also interested in the effects of mental stress and trauma upon physical functioning, and the management of the subsequent symptoms including poor digestion, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, decreased immunity, reduced performance and impaired brain function. Recent work has once again highlighted the crucial relationship between body and mind.The years of working with and learning from such a diverse range of people, together with my studies and my own life experiences, has helped me to appreciate the complexity of issues that affect our ability to maintain mental & physical health. Over time, I have also come to witness the benefits and short comings of various approaches to health. Holistic counsellors and complementary therapists endeavour to work with other modalities to bridge these gaps, and explore the interconnectedness of what is happening in peoples lives. We look holistically at all aspects of life including physical, emotional, psychological, and environmental, to explore the interplay of patterns which keep us stuck in physical or psychological distress.As Plato sums up so beautifully… … … “The part can never be well unless the whole is well”. The good news is that often changing just one aspect can lead to positive effects in other areas, freeing us to move more readily towards our goals which are based on deep core values. I am truly excited to be able to offer a range of therapies to best suit your needs and interetses including traditional counselling, expressive therapies, and somatic therapies including shiatsu and Trauma Sensitive Yoga,  Please contact me if you would like to find out more about a holistic approach to your health!ACA Member 7965YA 4610Registered Yoga Teacher and Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator



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