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Suzanne Lalor

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Hi, Thanks for logging in.I'm very fortunate to have a very Big Passion For People and Service. In these uncertain times i'am only to happy to meet up in the park or by the river my mobile business can meet up with you.With many years of experience in different modalities of service and having a real passion for healing, my style and delivery of my service to my clients being my main focus and goal. I have found it not to really matter in the field that my service is delievered. Whether it be in the field of my Counselling,Healing Business or in any one of my many diverse business ventures i have been involed in over my working years, the ability to deliver a sound and secure business service with ethics as its base has been my key for delivery of a  successful business.  There is always one thing that keeps me driving towards excellence and growth and that is my sincere service to my clients and myself.I do believe we are all here to serve one another. It would be My Pleasure and Privilege to be able to be of Service to You Today, Tomorrow, and into the Future. A STEP OUT CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE TO A STEP UP.     



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