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Suzanne Storrie

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I am a qualified Counsellor, currently working in the Canberra AoD sector, facilitating therapy groups and offering individual counselling supports to clients.  In addition to my BASS Degree (completed in 2014) I have completed a Certificate in Art Therapy (in 2021).  Prior to working in the AoD sector, I worked as a Residential Advocate at Napier Women's Refuge. This was a challenging and enjoyable role where I was able to utilise my skills to assist individuals and their families to manage the challenges of residing in shared residential accommodation and to move in positive directions toward safe and healthy outcomes. I am registered with the Australian Counselling association (ACA- level 4) and the Drug and Alcohol Practitioners' Association Aotearoa–New Zealand (DAPAANZ- leave of absence). During my nine years of counselling practice I have completed 2500+ hours of face to face counselling with clients who faced various challenges (including; anxiety, depression, addiction, grief and trauma). I grew up in a generation where it was widely believed that it was not harmful to consume alcohol or marijuana. Due to my early-adult experiences of using substances and witnessing the effect of substance use on other people, I have gained personal insight which, in addition to the social science educational awareness (developed during my studies) has led me to develop a strong belief that addiction is a social disease. I enjoy working with AoD clients educating and influencing change in any addictive behaviour they may be demonstrating. I have a genuine regard for people and I believe this characteristic enables me to develop strong working relationships. My education has included various theories of counselling in addition to knowledge of Te Whare Tapa Wha and Tikanga Maori Methods. I have experience working cross culturally and having grown up in Multicultural South Auckland, I feel comfortable alongside diverse populations. My life experiences have increased my empathy for others and given me a drive to work in ways which support improved communities and societies.



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