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Tarquin Ward

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I am an Integrative Therapist who works from Meanjin; Brisbane Australia. I work with people by supporting them in learning how to live in their bodies again after experiencing overwhelming or painful events in their lives. Often these experiences cause emotional discomfort and disconnection from ones internal world and the world around them.I strongly believe in each person’s capacity to realise lasting change in their lives through inhabiting their body. This process facilitates new embodied ways of being in the world that are both relational and experiential.Through my diverse work experience in education, community mental health and private practice, and with long term studies in mental health and mind-body modalities, I have gained a deep understanding and appreciation for working with embodied and energetic processes. These processes are always occurring but outside of conscious awareness. By using the body as vehicle to explore and untangle these hidden patterns, individuals can transition into new experiences of awareness, opening up to new energies and possibilities.By engaging these somatic and imaginal processes I support new experiences in consciousness, embodiment and imaginal capacity that assist in releasing and unwinding constriction in the body-mind. This unwinding facilitates becoming unstuck from limiting and painful thoughts and behaviours, to assist people in creating and living the life they are called to, through embodied attunement to themselves and their life purpose.

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