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Teresa Kitt

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Hi Just to tell you a little about myself and my humble beginnings. I was born and raised in Ireland and am one out of eight children, which was quiet the norm back then. Even though there was hardship at times I had a very happy childhood and learned at an early age about differences in personalities (sometimes the hard way with 4 older brothers !!!). Both my parents were hard working and had successfully run two business for most of their lives. They demonstrated good work ethic, compassion and professionalism which is the legacy left me with today. I left the home country when I was 18yrs to go to London where I completed my nurse training. However as much as I enjoyed nursing I always felt something was missing, it took me many years to figure out that the missing link was counselling. I did a couple of short courses first to see if I would like it, that’s when the seed was sown, I got the bug!. I later immigrated to Perth, Australia, which was one of the most positive turning point in my life to date, (the other being the birth of my son 23 yrs ago). This allowed me the opportunity to study and nurse part time to gain my qualifications as a Counsellor and couple and family therapists. I have done a fair bit of travelling around Australia and what a exquisite country it is. but I am a bit bias towards Perth, I still say “Thanks” every morning for bringing me to this beautiful country (25 yrs later) I later went to Notre Dame University in Western Australia where I completed my Bachelor of Counselling, this wonderful experience was a stepping-stone for more knowledge. I figured that most peoples problems stemmed from their personal relationships whether it be immediate family, family of origin or spouse . From there I studied couple and family therapy and completed a two year training course . I later gained employment with Arafmi where I was introduced to the field of mental health and how it impacts on the individual, couples and the family. . I decided to share my time by working part time in a private psychiatric hospital and my practice. I went on to do further study in mental health by completing a postgraduate diploma in mental health, and then later to acquiring the title of Mental health nurse specialists. Many aspects of health influence relationships whether it is psychological, emotional or mental health, and most often a combination of all three. My background in both disciplines (mental health and counselling), and life experience gives me a sound basis to help my clients to find long lasting and realistic solutions to their problems. I sincerely hope that with my experience and skills I can be of assistance to anyone who is struggling with individual, couple, or family concerns. Warm regards Teresa



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