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Terry Atman

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Terry is an innovative psychotherapist who breaks
new ground by restructuring the personality and identity. The result is that people
learn to uncover and remodel their psychological patterns. By applying specific
techniques, he works to overcome limitations, gain self-confidence and develop
autonomy and authenticity. He believes our challenges and shortfalls can become
the substance of our greatest strength and resilience, fueling lasting positive
change.Based on the Central Coast, NSW, Terry works in
his psychotherapy practice to help his clients create a satisfying life filled
with meaning, positive relationships, and emotional well-being. He is a
kind-hearted, nonjudgmental person who genuinely desires to help others and supports
them in creating an abundant and happy life where they can attract good things
to themselves. He has training and experience with couples,
family therapy, domestic violence, disabilities and
general psychotherapy and counselling. 


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