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Tess Reilly-Browne

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Hello … feeling a bit stuck, or lost, or lonely … or perhaps all three? Need help with a relationship? I’m a counsellor in private practice in St Kilda, Melbourne and I specialise in relationship counselling. I work with individuals, couples and families, to help them change the dynamic of their relationship. Yes, often changing the relationship you have with yourself, will improve all your relationships … relationship rescue begins here! AREAS OF EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE :  I can help you … – ease anxiety and work stress and it’s impact within the relationship dynamic. – stop arguing and start hearing how each other truly feels. – learn how to communicate respectfully and assertively so that respect can renew. – rebuild trust where it has been eroded or destroyed. – understand and change coping mechanisms that sabotage connectedness. – heal childhood trauma that impacts on your present relationships. – loosen the strangle-hold of addictions and their relational impact. – negotiate complex extended family or cultural dilemmas. – discuss intimacy and sexual issues to find satisfying solutions. – identify where Adult ADHD, narcissism or co-dependency may be playing a part in your difficulties. – provide parenting strategies and skills that build happy families. – support blended families to create caring boundaries. – nurture self esteem where it has been eroded, to create empowerment. – negotiate better working relationships with your employer, employee or colleague. … and if, after a session or two, it is evident the relationship is truly at a point of change, I can support you to … – navigate the change and cope through the grief and loss. – gain the courage to leave abuse behind. – respectfully negotiate parenting plans. – support you through the separating process. – create a mindful and respectful divorce. – create a harmonious future that is not mired by the demoralising process of a court argued divorce. – create the change you want in your life. So if you’re in need of some support or guidance, click the button on this page – help is literally just a click away – the relief will be truly marvellous! QUALIFICATIONS : I hold a Masters degree in Counselling and an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and I am a top level ACA member, but more that those qualifications, it is the wonderful richness and challenges of my own lived experiences, that bring a warm, gentle wisdom to my counselling. Need to know more about me to be sure? Visit my website – I welcome chatting with clients before they book with me. Walking through that counsellor door can be an enormous step for most people – you are definitely not alone if you still feel nervous! I love helping individuals, couples and families to change their relationships and their lives to gain peace and harmony, love and happiness. Can’t get to me … I provide online video and email counselling for those who find themselves isolated. I am also happy to visit remote rural communities to provide group work or family conciliation. Book online on my website or call, text or email me to learn more about this … Change is possible – relief does come.



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