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It can be hard to consider coming to therapy… You might be experiencing chronic pain or recurring physical symptoms. Perhaps you are exhausted and you feel like you have already tried everything. Maybe you are worried or overwhelmed by the relationships in your life. You could be trying to understand how experiences in your life are impacting your sense of self, but need more support in this process… These are all good reasons to reach out, and there are many more.I am a psychodynamic therapist with experience and training in counselling, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and breathwork. I believe therapy can facilitate profound and lasting change, but only when we are ready and are sensitively supported to develop trust in the process and in the therapist.The way I work places great emphasis on feeling safe in the therapeutic relationship. I seek to offer gentle curiosity and a non judgmental space for your authentic self expression. Working in this way aims to help you understand how your current feelings and behaviour might be shaped by your early life, past experiences and unconscious patterns or cycles.


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