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Therese Farnham

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Hi, my name is Therese.I am available for counselling and psychotherapy for men and women over the age of 18 online or via the telephone.We can work with mental health difficulties, the legacies of adverse childhood experiences, loss of direction in life, spirituality and spiritual emergencies. I have experience with childhood sexual abuse, rape  and domestic violence. I am familiar with working with the co-arising symptoms or trauma including depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating difficulties, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, homelessness, spiritual emergency and more.We will work within a Person-Centered Humanistic and Transpersonal framework. What this means is that I bring my own experience and knowledge of the healing process and my counselling skills to our client work. I will also bring in Mindfulness and other grounding techniques and share the tools for developing presence.And I endeavour to provide a safe space within a confidential relationship in which I bring my warmth and compassion, my unconditional positive regard and my authenticity to gently facilitate your healing.


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