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Thomas Skotidas

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As a Psychotherapist, I help individuals, couples, and families overcome their mental health and relationship challenges using evidence-based psychotherapy.I engage all of my clients with compassion, collaboration, and unconditional acceptance.My ServicesIndividual Therapy. I help individuals manage and overcome mental health challenges such as Addiction, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, OCD, and Trauma.Couples Therapy. I help couples repair and overcome relationship issues. I work with couples at every stage of their union, including married, de facto, and newly engaged.Family Therapy. I help families manage and overcome intrafamily conflict. I work with parents and their teenage children, parents and their adult children, and adult siblings.My Therapy ApproachMy therapy approach helps my clients discover their cognitive, emotional, and communication patterns, build new behaviours linked to their core values, create meaning, and thrive.Single-Session Therapy. SST is designed for individuals, couples, and families who want to tackle a specific challenge, have a clear goal in mind, and are willing to closely collaborate with me over a single two-hour session.Brief Therapy. Brief Therapy is designed for individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing moderate-to-heavy mental health or relationship challenges, and are motivated to see significant improvement within 2-10 sessions.Progressive Therapy. Progressive Therapy is designed for individuals, couples, and families who are likely to require 11-20 sessions to manage and overcome heavy mental health or relationship challenges due to significant events.AccreditationsGraduate Diploma of Counselling – Torrens University (2023)Chairwork Psychotherapy: Level 1 Certification – APS / Transformational Chairwork (2023)Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: Level 2 Cert. – Academy of Solution Focused Training (2022)Schema Therapy: Level 2 Certification – Schema Therapy Training Australia (2022)Emotion-Focused Therapy (Indvls): Level 2 Cert. – SoCal Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (2022)Emotion-Focused Therapy (Couples): Level 1 Cert. – SoCal Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (2022)Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Level A Certification – IPT Insititute (2021)I provide psychotherapy in-person in five locations in Sydney, and online throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, via my practice, Intermind ( you are interested in my psychotherapy services, you can book a free 15-20 minute initial consultation with me here. Just a friendly chat, no commitments, and 100% confidential. You can then decide, without any pressure, whether I am the right fit for you.Speaking & EducationI am also a Mental Health Speaker & Educator. I share my psychotherapy knowledge through two channels:Podcast. The Brief Therapist with Tom Skotidas focuses on improving mental health for individuals, enhancing couples’ relationships, and repairing family conflict. You can listen to the show on Apple, Spotify, and Google, or watch every episode here.Newsletter. The Brief Therapist focuses on helping people improve their mindset, overcome challenges, and meet their best self. You can subscribe here.



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