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Tony Musskopf

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Welcome!Counselling can be life-changing. Making the decision to see a counsellor is an empowering step towards your personal growth and well-being. I am happy to assist you along this journey.I am a licensed counsellor with expertise in cognitive-behavioural therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness techniques and brief psychotherapy interventions.In simple words, in our sessions we will build a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space where you can freely express and better understand your thoughts, emotions, and concerns.It also means that you will receive information, learn new tools, and develop skills to understand how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours can work in harmony.Throughout my 19+ years of clinical experience, I have worked for many organisations in Australia and overseas, including child and family protection, mental health, education, community service, youth justice system and disability sector, supporting directly 1,000+ cases from diverse cultural backgrounds and levels of complexity.I graduated in psychology in 2004. During my internship, I assisted dozens of patients at the University Hospital, most of them children and young people affected by trauma, violence and abuse. At that time, I learned important lessons about human vulnerability and resilience.During my academic journey, I specialised in clinical psychology, school psychology and conflict resolution. I am an independent researcher, a book author and have published several papers. My particular interest focussed on the positive aspects of human psychology and the achievement of serenity.I am passionate about assisting people in finding their unique strengths and empowering them to plan and pursue their life goals which is an essential step to ensure a serene life.




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