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Valerie Monteiro

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Valerie Monteiro is a passionate in her work as Counsellor, Mental health, and trauma specialist.  She is compassionate, sees value and strength in every human being and is empowers all her clients to reach their potential. She is a humanist and works with psycho-dynamic approaches.  She helps clients identify their core issues and works holistically in the healing process.Valerie’s career has spanned over 3 decades and she has worked extensively as a naturopath, yoga instructor and psychotherapist. In 2001 she was awarded the first prize from V Care, as a 3rd stage cancer survivor, who got cured and also helped and supported hundreds of cancer patients in their recovery journey.Valerie has worked in the Mental health sector and addiction rehabs. Also spent several years working as a relationship counsellor, bereavement counsellor, mediation and a Family and Children’s counsellor. She is a currently clinical supervisor and is working towards creating wellness programs for people with disabilities.Valerie is eclectic and uses a wide range of specialist techniques to bring best outcomes for her clients. She uses Imago Couples Therapy to work with couples, founded by Harville Henricks, the author of Getting the Love you want” She has also worked extensively with EMDR, EFT and somatic techniques for her work with trauma. She has also found reliable outcomes with Art, music, and Theraplay. Valerie works with a person-centered approach.Valerie has been registered with the Australian Counselling Association for over 15 years. She seeks to bring about transformative and therapeutic changes in her clients and provides a safe and nonjudgmental environment.  Her workshops have value based and long-lasting outcomes.


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