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Veronica Vinci

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Well known for her “plain-English real talk” Vee has nearly a decade of experience working in private practice treating people of all walks of life, at various stages of life, to gain control of their mental health. In 2018 she founded HeadQuarters Counselling Services to apply her pragmatic approach which focuses on supporting and empowering clients to implement realistic change.Honesty, simplicity, humour and a commitment to ensuring all clients feel comfortable and validated underpin Vee’s methodology to therapy. Skilled in a range of modalities, Vee is an expert in tailoring her treatment to the needs of each individual in her care.Vee’s direct, yet comforting style, builds a strong rapport with clients leading to positive therapy outcomes. She has the unique ability to break down the overwhelm and equip her clients with a toolbox of skills and knowledge to drive them to take ownership of their circumstances, propelling them forward to live their best lives.Vee has extensive experience working with a range of personal challenges including stress management, interpersonal functioning and relationship issues, conflict resolution, anger management and grief recovery.In a corporate environment, she sparks productivity by helping clients reveal their best self through improved mindset, remodelling culture and leadership programs, determining influence and generational dynamics, promoting mindfulness and prioritising time management.As host of the Think Smart, Feel Smart, Live Smart podcast Vee discusses topics that are relevant to world happenings and social trends. It aims to assist people to understand and become more certain about themselves in uncertain times. Vee’s capacity to inject humour and pizzazz into often tough subjects keeps her listeners coming back for more each week.Facilitating powerful emotional programs to create real transformation, in real time, with real people is Vee’s passion.If you’re looking for a professional who is ferociously committed to helping clients find joy and fulfilment in their lives, look no further.



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