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Violeta Paicu

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My belief is that nothing is too small to address as long as it is big enough to keep you awake.I am a caring, compassionate and skilled counsellor with a Master of Counselling, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Diploma of Counselling and Graduate Diploma of Psychology.When a problem affects your inner peace and impacts your life, it is time to get professional help. With my expertise and experience, I believe that I can help you navigate your challenges.Did you know that Chronic stress, that overwhelming feeling over a long period of time, puts your health at risk?Within the confidentiality and safety of a counselling session, we can work together on exploring your past and present hurts, family of origin issues, feelings, thought patterns and communication skills, aiming personal restoration to wholeness.The counselling sessions will help you clarify your personal challenges and issues, set realistic goals, look at different strategies to achieve optimum health and encouraging you to seek and find an enriching and fulfilling life.



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