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I am lucky enough to be able to offer Outdoor Counselling as well as Equine Assisted Therapy, situated on 27 acres at Kobble Creek (near Samford/Dayboro).Outdoor and Equine based therapies are great for people who aren’t comfortable with a room-based setting, or just find it supportive to be in nature while we explore topics that may be difficult. It is also very supportive for young people who may not be able to sit or stay engaged for long periods.Our practice is people centred, which means that I appreciate and respect that you are the expert in your own life, and I am here to listen, support and offer insight where you think you may need it, without judgement.I have been through different stages in my own life which include raising my 2 children, running businesses, working very long hours in the corporate world, and together with my family, have been foster carers since 2016. I can appreciate the stresses of a busy life and all of the challenges that go with it.I offer trauma-informed counselling to young people (4-18), as well as adults to assist with emotional regulation, coping strategies, anxiety, depression, boundaries and confidence, PTSD, and other life challenges.Should you feel like you’d like to explore this more, I’d love to hear from you.


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