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Yu Choy Lee

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Registered Counsellor Yu Choy Lee"Spring is refreshing and hopeful. Some say it's cleaning time. Feel stuck? Reaching out is not weakness; it's Strength and Courage."My specialty is in Couple and Family Relationship where I explore the relationship dynamics and individual make-up. I also have great interest in Young Adult Self-Discovery. Individuals or couples who are experiencing conflict, feeling lost, fearful, angry, confuse, guilty, unworthy and not least, frustration within themselves or towards others are often symptoms. I offer individuals and couples/family a safe space to identify their pain, explore options to restore brokenness, attempt forgiveness & acceptance; initiate rebuilding a happy, stable and healthy relationships in the new season of their life. All at their own pace.For family/couples, I use Prepare/ Enrich Program and The Gottman Method on occasion. I also use Positive/Strength-Based, Cognitive, Emotional, Solution-Based Therapy including providing Pastoral Support. (Bible principles are used when requested). In many cases, if client request, my wife is often a co-counsellor in sessions at no extras.As a practicing Chaplain, I also recognise challenges and pain of students, parents and teachers/staff. Feeling pain, lost or simply stuck is like a sore thumb. Reaching out for help is your first major step. So I invite you to contact me to look at your challenges together. It will give you a chance to explore options and not face your challenges alone.


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