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Zeinab Musseme

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Zeinab Musseme is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional Social Worker with a background in Community Development, Social Work, and Counselling. With a Bachelor's degree in Community Development, a Master's in Social Work, and a Diploma in counseling, Zeinab possesses a comprehensive skill set that she has skilfully employed over a 15-year career.Zeinab's journey in the field of community development and social work has been driven by a profound commitment to serving Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, refugees, migrants, and vulnerable community members. Zeinab has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at empowering CALD communities and supporting the unique needs of refugees, migrants, and vulnerable individuals. Her 15 years of experience have seen her actively engage in community development projects, advocate for social justice, and establish impactful programs that address the diverse needs of her clients. Zeinab Musseme is a passionate advocate and defender of human rights and social justice. Throughout her career, Zeinab has demonstrated  commitment to fostering communities where all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, are treated with dignity, equality, and respect.


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