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Zoe Slater

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Emotions, fear and anxiety those feelings and thoughts that won’t stop are Zoe’s area of speciality. Zoe is the founder of ‘ECR’ Emotional Cellular Re-Ordering, trainer for ECR Practitioners and an ECR Counsellor. ECR was developed as Zoe observed client desperately seeking to be happy. The organic way is ECR, it gets deep, fast, sustained results to change sabotaging emotional imprints to rewire neural pathways. Zoe is also the creator and facilitator of the Sixth Sense for Success workshop, writer of the Zoeism insight cards, Author of the book KIDS OR NO KIDS and programs. She is the CEO of Freedom Choice Academy and has a mix of local and international clients that fly, phone or Skype in. Zoe gained her counselling and communication qualifications with ACAP and is registered with ACA and QCA Inc.

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