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John Taylor

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During his over 45-year career as a clinical family psychologist, John F. Taylor, Ph.D. has treated over 1600 children, adolescents and adults with ADHD and overlapping conditions. The father of four children with these symptoms, he has produced over 40 major works in this field, including landmark publications such as Helping Your ADD Child, From Defiance to Cooperation, and Nutrition & Neurochemistry: The ADD Link. He was selected to write the definitive article on ADHD for the Encyclopedia Americana and was among the first to advocate a multidimensional approach combining academic, psycho-social, physiological and sensory-motor interventions.A popular consultant and trainer for school districts, he has produced major resources on each, including The ADHD Student At School (academic), Improving Social Skills (psycho-social), Dietary & Nutritional Treatment of ADHD (physiological), and Learn to Have Fun With Your Senses (sensory-motor). He is the author and developer of two ADHD clinical forms, the Hyperactivity Screening Checklist and the Medication Effectiveness Report. He earned his MA and PhD degrees in Psychology at Kent State University and has taught in three institutions of higher learning. His website is Parentology.guide.


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