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Matthew Csabonyi / Awareness Psychology Clinic

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Matthew Csabonyi – Clinical Psychologist (he/him)I'm a clinical psychologist and board approved supervisor in Melbourne, Australia. I work clinically with teenagers, adults and older adults and over the last decade have worked across public, private and education sectors and presented several in-person workshops on attachment theory, gender identity and several other areas of interest. I love presenting workshops, and adapting my content for online audiences and exploring ways of making that content as interesting and varied as possible.My formal interest in attachment theory began in 2011, although I had read a number of books on the topic several years earlier. At the time I was working with adult patients and I had a supervisor who was an expert in using the theory clinically – I found her insights to be immensely relevant to my patients. I continued to immerse myself in books and research, and I used the theory in almost every clinical formulation.A few short years later found myself working in an education setting that used attachment theory explicitly to underpin its model of care with young children. I also worked in the public hospital system at the time and began applying my knowledge to a wide variety of patient groups including oncology, rehabilitation, acute psychiatry.Invariably I found attachment theory helpful in understanding complex presentations both in the early phases of treatment where building rapport is critical as well as the mid to late phases of treatment when the patient can often be challenged more explicitly towards change. Eventually, I facilitated in-person workshop presentations for a number of specialised audiences on the integration of attachment theory in various clinical settings. We now have the wonderful opportunity to deliver this training in an online format and to a wider audience! I hope you find it both engaging and informative to your practice!


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