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Phoebe Hutchison

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Phoebe began mentoring couples over twenty years ago. She then went onto becoming a qualified, ACA Certified, counsellor, and has spent well over a decade working with clients with high complexity as a relationship, crisis, and addiction counsellor, specializing in depression, anxiety, grief and trauma work. This is the first time The Honeymooners Forever Couples course has been offered to counsellors. Phoebe began her research journey twenty years ago. Phoebe started with relationships, then later went onto research depression, anxiety and addiction. Phoebe has been fully trained in Brainspotting, works from a trauma informed perspective, is fascinated by neuroscience and is obsessed with helping others. In fact, her lifelong goal is to reduce depression in Australia. Through her two books, and the PLP Program, Phoebe's goal is becoming a reality. Phoebe has been interviewed on Sunrise, David and Kim Show, Mornings with Kerri Anne, Susie Elelman Show, as well as being interviewed on many Australian and USA radio shows, notably Playboy Radio, and much more. Phoebe's articles and interviews have been in: The Herald Sun (Body and Soul), Woman's Weekly, That's Life, Woman's Day, Good Health, Complete Wellbeing (India), Huffpost, and more. Phoebe believes that relationship issues can be complex, and overwhelming, therefore her strategy is simple and fun. Phoebe has worked with thousands of couples and clients in crisis, in Australia. Phoebe is the author of Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide, Are You Listening? Life is Talking to You, and creator of PLP (Passionate Life Program) which Phoebe created over a 7 year period. PLP is now being trained to counsellors all over Australia, and these PLP Certified counsellors work with clients in Job Agencies throughout Victoria and NSW. Some are also certified Honeymooners Forever Relationship counsellors. Phoebe is an ACA supervisor of these PLP Certified counsello


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