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Piera Briganti

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Dr. Piera Briganti, Psy.D and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, is a trained EMDR therapist and runs a private practice based in Italy. Before coming back to Italy she lived in Spain for 4 years where she first started to work online in addition to in-person practice.Her areas of expertise are Complex-PTSD, Dissociative Disorders, Eating Disorders and Personality Disorders; she also works as a trainer for a private school providing master programs to clinical psychologists and psychotherapists in EMDR and Sexology, where she teaches the C-PTSD and Dissociation module.Working with the complexity of traumatised patients and their fragmented internal worlds, she finds adaptations of standard EMDR protocol to work better with these patients, along with integrations from an attachment-informed perspective, having studied under Giovanni Liotti, the Progressive Approach from Dolores Mosquera and Polyvagal Theory concepts from Stephen Porges, all inspiring authors and clinicians.


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