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Vicky Shukuroglou

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Vicky Shukuroglou is a multidisciplinary artist and writer with a passion for activating dynamic, reflective learning spaces and a powerful sense of identity.Using creative practice as a vehicle and path to enhance empathy, awareness, connectivity, and innovation, Vicky supports individuals and groups to achieve positive transformation and valuable participation.As a colleague described, '…perhaps everything Vicky does reflects a cultural narrative about how we learn with and from each other'. Vicky works with people of diverse ages and far-ranging cultural backgrounds.National and international residencies, exhibitions and workshops contribute to the depth of understanding and development of learning concepts which Vicky explores, expands, and is sought out to share. Her creative pedagogy is known for stimulating participants’ sense of possibility, capacity, and motivation to learn and engage with their world in meaningful ways.Her workshops have been supported by various organisations including UNESCO, Sanskriti Kendra, Instituto Sacatar, World Crafts Council, Salaam Baalak, VEOHRC, City of Melbourne, Arts Victoria, Fed Square, and schools in regional and metropolitan Australia.


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