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Pragmatic Practice

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Courses at Pragmatic Practice are developed by experienced mental health practitioners and leaders; we combine research evidence with our own experiences and practice wisdom, to create a well-rounded and practical learning experience. We will show you how to translate theory into practice.Invest in yourself – pick a course that fits with your professional development needs and goals.Convenience – online courses are mobile and flexible, meaning you can study anytime and anywhere – you can fit this into your schedule!Lower overall costs – get access to the learning you want, when you need it, without having to leave your office or home. Say goodbye to travel and accommodation costs and hello to quality training at affordable prices!No classroom pressure – learning in a group isn’t for everyone; e-learning can remove the pressures of classroom environments so you can focus on the topic and your learning. We provide you with activities and templates to guide your development.State-of-the-art platform – our courses are developed using the latest online technology, tools, and materials, to provide you with a user-friendly environment. Online learning has never been easier! 


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