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Ellie Rose is a dedicated counsellor (BArts (Psychology), MCouns) fiercely passionate about supporting young people who are navigating the stormy seas of trauma and grief early in life. Ellie has specialised training in family therapy and child counselling. She has many years experience facilitating school mental health workshops and individual and family counselling for high-risk youth in the non-profit sector. Drawing on her lived experiences and firsthand insights, she now leads Cocoon Mental Health—an innovative online counselling practice tailored to the unique needs of young individuals, integrating clinical expertise and a creative approach. Kit is a social worker (MSW) and has over 20 years’ experience working in the social and community services sector with both public and private health services specialising in mental health and addictions. She established the modality Nature Based Therapy due to the success she was having with the people she was working with when she incorporated ‘nature’ into her work practice.  Kit currently offers a training program in nature based therapy, is employed as a therapeutic counsellor and has her own private practice. 


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