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Jolene Ellat is founder and Director of the Domestic Abuse Resource and Training Group (DART Group) and principal of DART Institute.Jolene is a domestic family violence (DFV) and sexual violence specialist with over 15 years of experience. She provides research, workforce development consultancy, professional training and supervision for government and non-government agencies and community groups. She provides policy and practice expertise in prevention, early intervention, perpetrator intervention, supervision and trauma recovery. She has a special interest in cultural diversity and competency when working with families from diverse backgrounds.During her early career, Jolene worked with family law services in coordinated response and managerial roles. She provided women’s advocacy across Western Australia, conducted clinical interviews and wrote forensic reports to the Department of Justice.Jolene is experienced in perpetrator intervention research and training. She facilitated and coordinated the Connect and Respect, men’s behaviour change program for the Department of Justice. She worked with peak bodies implementing the COVID-19 response (funded through the Department of Communities’) to ensure perpetrator visibility across Western Australia throughout COVID-19 and into economic recovery.Jolene has a track record for leading multi-agency and multi-disciplinary approaches to FDV intervention. Recently, she conducted research into supporting the Family Domestic Violence Response Teams (FDVRTs) and facilitated cross-sectorial professional development with Police (WAPOL), child protection and the Coordinated Response Service (8 specialist sector agencies).As a leading Safe and Together trainer, Jolene has personally delivered CORE training to over 600 practitioners across Australia. She has also designed and delivered professional training in prevention, early intervention, tertiary intervention and perpetrator intervention for the Department of Communities, Justice Department and WA Department of Health. Jolene has also customised programs such as supporting children recovering from FDV and FDV informed practice supervision training. She designs and delivers a series of webinars across Australia.Jolene has an impressive academic and research record. She has led national projects, including the evaluation and recommendations towards the ACT’s Family Violence Safety Action Pilot. Jolene is an active contributor to academic publications. She presents nationally and internationally at conferences and is invited as a guest speaker on live panels.Jolene is well qualified with a Bachelor of Arts Education/Psychology from Edith Cowan University, A Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Studies and Human Rights from Curtin University; a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Notre Dame; and a Professional Certificate in Childhood Trauma from the University of South Australia.


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